Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League1 week ago
Our weekly Legacy FNM-stream will be starting soon, join us! 😄

Austrian Legacy League
Austrian_Legacy - Twitch
Competitive Paper Legacy from Austria
Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League2 weeks ago
Today marks the Start of the next yearly #ALL Season! Join us on www.twitch.tv/austrian_legacy when we battle for the title each Friday 20:30 CEST.

League standings, meta analysis and player profiles are available on austrian-legacy.com

#mtglegacy #papermtg
Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League3 weeks ago
Decklists from the Last Tournament under the Old LLL Branding are now available

Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League3 weeks ago
Last Friday we had our yearly Season End Tournament. It was a 1/2 K and we had 25 players for this event. We played 5 rounds with cutoff top8.

We congratulate the Winner Philipp Hinterreiter (Elves!) who has won his first tournament ever!


1st: Philipp Hinterreiter on Elves!
2nd: Philipp Klein on Bug Hogaak
3-4: Andreas Leopoldseder on ANT
Fabian Schweighofer on Miracles
5-8: Paul Bernsteiner on RUG Delver
Peter Plank on 4c Painter
Stefan Otte on Snowko
Manuel Danninger on Snowko

Deck lists will be published soon on mtgtop8
Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League4 weeks ago
**Major League Update**

Our internally discussed plans about the renaming of our league are now nearly finished! As you also might’ve noticed are we switching to english as primary language, mainly to open up our content to more people.

The webpage will be transferred from linzerlegacyliga.net to austrian-legacy.com in the near future, for now the old link will still be available, although the website itself has also been translated (almost completely) into english.

All social-media logos and names have been changed accordingly, if you did already follow us, there is nothing you need to do, otherwise there are the changed account names:

Twitter: @Austrian_Legacy
Twitch: @Austrian_Legacy
Facebook: @AustrianLegacy
Instagram: will follow soon…


On August the 28., our Season’s End Tournament will be held! Top 5 People of Season 5 won’t have to pay the entry fee of 20€. The still pending prizes will also be handed out there for the Top 10 of the old season.

Our all-new Season 6 will start on Friday the 04. of September, Twitch-stream included!

We all wish you good luck for our Season’s End Tournament and a great start into the new season!
Austrian Legacy League
Austrian Legacy League updated their cover photo.4 weeks ago